Keep your Business IT Infrastructure Safe

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming targets of cyber attacks. Teenage gamers, accountants, celebrities – it feels as if hackers and cyber criminals pay no mind to who they’re attacking, and some would even think that the bulk of them do it plainly out of fun.

With this being said, it’s only obvious that more and more people are trying to come up with ways to protect their online personas, their privacy, and, of course, their online businesses and reputation. We’re going to talk about the things you can do to keep your business IT infrastructure safe from so called cyber attacks.

Hold a course on safe browsing/PC usage

Essentially, all businesses nowadays require at least a portion of work to be done on a PC. If you have a small, family business, this ‘course’ will actually be a family meeting, and if you’re a fully fledged company, you might want to hire experts to properly explain to your employees how to navigazione privata.

The easiest way to address this issue is to cut at its root, and that means helping your employees overcome certain bad habits they’ve accumulated regarding the way they’re using their business PCs or laptops. A small misstep such as keeping an account logged on after the shift ends is basically the same as leaving an open door to your offices.

Make specialized business e-mails and corresponding accounts

One of the best ways to remain anonymous while browsing on the Internet (or using it in general for whichever purpose) is to make sure that the traces you leave can’t be used to get to you. In most cases, you won’t be able to completely remain anonymous, but since you already know that, you can use it to your advantage – mislead your potential attackers by using credentials that can’t be traced back to you.

Implement a VPN in your infrastructure

While using specialized e-mails will ensure that you and your employees are safe in terms of navigazione sicura, that doesn’t mean that your infrastructure is safe per se. Basically, you will be slightly less interesting to hackers, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that they’ll come knocking on your door regardless.

The most secure method of ensuring your IT Infrastructure’s safety is to integrate a virtual private network in your system. By doing so, you will be completely invisible while using the internet, even more so than you’d initially be if you relied on the Google’s ‘Incognito mode’. Out of obvious reasons we don’t recommend that you put too much trust in this feature as it doesn’t provide enough protection from cyber attacks for actual businesses (with sensitive data on the PCs/laptops).

A virtual private network is, by default, the most secure option you could ever bargain for. Even your internet provider won’t know what you’re doing, not to mention that most providers pitch in various utility features that further boost the protection you’re getting from it.