Office counter helps you to make your first impression

The first impression is an integral part of human interaction which even extends to the work environment. Therefore, the importance of receptions and office counters increases manifold. Office counter [เคาน์เตอร์ สำนักงาน, which is the term in Thai] is the place which the visitor first sets their eyes on. If your office counter is attractive it attracts more and more customers and if that is not the case it may even repel visitors. Hence, it is necessary that the layout of your office gives visitors a positive feeling and impression. It is not necessary that you have an extravagant type of setting but your office counter must look welcoming.

Things that your office counter must convey

  • The office counter is the place that may attract customers as well as repel them. Hence, it is necessary that your reception counter shows the character and values of your company.
  • The office counter must have an open waiting area as it brings a sense of calmness. If the area is crowded people may feel suffocated.
  • The design of your office counter must convey the confidence you hold in your work. This will help the customers to place their trust in your confidence.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the office counter as it helps to make the first impression in the minds of the customers.

Types of office counter

  • Curved office counter: It is a modern type of office counter which looks elegant and sophisticated. It is best suited for offices that have a large space. As the surface of the desk is large it avoids formation of clutter.
  • Straight office counter: It is a traditional type of office counter which gives an impression of efficiency and confidence. This type of desk can be fitted to any size of the room.
  • L-shaped office counter: This is another type of office counter which is a combination of both traditional and modern forms of office counter. This type of counters needs more space as they are big in size.