Office Design Trends To Try Out This 2019

Office layouts are becoming increasingly smart, healthier, efficient, and eco-friendly. Before, you can find office workers confined in behind their desks, working most of their hours while sitting. Now, many companies decided to transition into a better and smarter layout. Comfort, functionality, and health are now a significant priority when it comes to choosing office furniture and office layout.

Open Floorplans

Private offices are now a thing of the past. Open floorplans are now in to create a more community-eccentric work approach. Nowadays, benching is becoming a popular trend where you can sit, collaborate, and share ideas with your staffs easily. If you want to give them a little more privacy, then you can choose cubicles instead.

Standing Desks

Before, working in an office meant sitting behind a desk for the majority of your shift. This poses a health risk since sitting doesn’t burn many calories. Standing desks are now a rising trend to promote a healthier working environment. These are usually adjustable in height, allowing you to work while standing up. When you get tired of standing, you can adjust the desk again so you can sit comfortably on your chair.

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Assigned Seating No More

Before, you only get to work where your superior assigned you to sit. Modern offices now allow employees to sit just at just about any available workstations. As long as you can get the job done efficiently and effectively, it doesn’t matter where you choose to sit.

Glass-Walled Conference Rooms

Before, having a conference room meant having a private place where important meetings and collaboration are held. Now, with the open office layout concept, more offices are building their conference rooms enclosed in glass. This helps provide a quiet space for meetings but at a more open approach.


This refers to the process wherein we design systems, products, and workplaces in a way that will fit the needs of people who will use them. For example, ergonomic houston office chairs do provide not only comfortable seating to its user but also supports healthy body mechanics. These are the type of chairs that reduces muscle strain and tension that is a common complaint among staffs who work long hours sitting behind a desk.

Paperless Document Management

Going paperless offers tons of benefits. For one, you can effectively share, manage, and store important files and documents. This helps you save cash since you won’t need to spend as much when you print everything. One can access data quick and easy while still maintaining confidentiality.

Integrated Technology

One can now take advantage of smart technology to save money and energy costs. Think of thermal shades that keeps consistent room temperature, smart lighting that can control your lighting automatically and video conference calls that let you collaborate effectively no matter the distance. Such high-tech innovations can transform your business into a more efficient and effective one minus the unnecessary expenses. 

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