Should America Change Our Gun Laws and regulations Following the Columbine Shooting?

On April 20, 1999, two students massacred twelve of the classmates and hurt numerous others. They used sawed off shotguns, a computerized 9mm, as well as other firearms to murder their peers. These boys (Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold) bought illegal firearms making explosives within the boys’ basements to make use of on that day. Since that time, gun laws and regulations haven’t become more strict, however, many express it has really been simpler to purchase and bear firearms in the usa. America is split up into two groups, individuals against guns and individuals who’re pro-gun. Don’t let, like a country, tighten the laws and regulations regarding firearms as a result of school shooting at Columbine?

CNN released a poll showing that eight years back, 39 percent of american citizens supported stricter gun laws and regulations instead of the growing 54 percent today. However, there tend to be more supporters for additional restricted laws and regulations for guns today than almost about ten years ago, however with next to nothing done about this, talk is extremely cheap and prevalent in the usa. You will find 9 guns for each 10 people in america, whether unlawfully or legally owned. Citizens are progressively getting good irritated with how easy it’s for a kid to acquire a gun. Based on Katherine Newman, the writer of rampage, that is a book about school shootings in the usa”85 % of faculty shooters acquired their gun(s) on their own, through their relatives, buddies, or using their home” (Newman 260). Us residents own 32 percent of known firearms globally, and also the figures don’t appear to become lowering in the near future. Because the Columbine massacre, there has been 67 school shootings in america alone, and that doesn’t range from the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. These figures are astounding no matter your situation about them.

But the authority to bear arms is incorporated in the Metabolic rate, and it was produced by our founding fathers. Some say it’s our to purchase and bear arms because it is exactly what America is about. But they are we just being ignorant to those school shooting’s because our country is “about freedom” and the authority to bear arms? Or possibly there are not many issues with the laws and regulations, and also the shootings are merely personal issues. In either case, citizens are outraged concerning the ease that people obtain firearms.

There’s been much discuss the government’s participation with school shootings, and also the safety of those in schools “The nation’s concern for college safety and college security brought Congress to pass through two key bits of school violence prevention legislation in 1994: (GFSA)” (Kopka 6). This didn’t do much to prevent school shootings. In 1998, only one year before Columbine, two kids ages 11 and 13, murdered 15 of the peers in school using the firearms they found within the boys grandparent’s homes. The guns were around the walls for show and guaranteed only with a wire the boys cut having a garden sheer.

People reason that it’s not only the laws and regulations to purchase guns which are corrupt, however the laws and regulations which govern to store them and securely secure them. In certain states, a permit to possess a gun is non-existent. It might be very difficult to keep an eye on firearms through the government, as well as the proprietors themselves during these states. However, the issue may not be the laws and regulations to purchase guns, but exactly how they’re stored. In Florida, it’s legal to possess a gun in ones vehicle for “protection”. If a person leaves their vehicle door open, and someone gets into the vehicle the gun is instantly available and could be stolen with no work needed.