Technical Aspects of SEO In Web Ranking

Ultimately, it all comes down to every detail – for example, the structure of your Internet address (URL) or the loading speed of your website. Besides, do not overload your site with any source code, because this slows down the page construction, and the longer a page loads, the faster users jump off again. A high bounce rate (Bounce Rate) evaluate search engines as unfavorable.

Build-in Pictures, Graphics, and Videos

With the highest quality images, graphics, and videos, you can loosen up your text and add valuable additional information. The following also applies to online shops: Strengthen your website ranking by providing interested parties with more information about your products. The more appealing and structured you design your website, the longer your visitors will stay there. This also flows into the Google ranking. The general rule is: offer your visitors added value that will make your website attractive and thereby, have your web ranking (Minimice Group which is the term in thai) high.

Provide Links To Your Website

If other websites link to your website, this has a positive effect on the ranking. The search engine algorithms evaluate these so-called back links according to quantity and quality.

Directories and web catalogs form a solid basis for back links. There are also countless other ways to build back links; this includes, for example, press releases and article directories.

How To Measure The Success Of A Website

Under Evaluation, you get detailed information in the ranking coach about the placement of the pre-selected keywords, the visibility of your domain, and the generated back links over time. In this way, you always have an eye on progress or problems with the optimization and can intervene promptly. If you are primarily active regionally, you can also easily switch the display between countries and your local environment.