What Do You know About Resin

The notion of resin(which is the term in Thai เร ซิ่น)is also used to name the man- made synthetic substance that has properties similar to the natural resins of plants. This means that the concept can be divided into natural resins and synthetic resins .

Within the natural resins we can talk about balms (a secretion that is used as a purifier or deodorizer), gomorresinas (emulsifies when mixed with water ) and lactorresins (from coagulated latex), among other types.

The acrylic , meanwhile, is among the most popular synthetic resins. It is used in a large number of industries, such as automotive, construction or optics . Acrylic is the most transparent of plastics, has high resistance to weathering and impacts and acts as an acoustic and thermal insulator.

The epoxy resin is used to harden other products . Paints and varnishes can include this resin to gain consistency. In electronics , epoxy resin protects circuits and transformers to avoid damage from dust or moisture.

The polyester (used as a matrix for the manufacture of pipes or fiber processing) and polyurethane (produced as solid or foam for use as a sealant, or insulating filler) are other synthetic resins.

Pine resin and its medicinal uses

Resin Pine trees are found in various parts of the world, and are especially common in Canada, the United States and China. Although there are many varieties of the pine tree, they all release resin when they suffer some kind of damage , and this has a large number of applications, among which are its capacity as glue, varnish or sealant.

It is distilled in rosin , which is used to improve the grip between objects, and as turpentine oil , which is used to dissolve and dilute paint, but pine resin also has interesting uses within medicine. For example, Native Americans have used it for a long time in the treatment of rheumatism , since it helps to deflate the joints, which allows circulation to be restored and pain to calm down . One of the ways in which some indigenous peoples took advantage of these benefits is by chewing the gummy resin.