Let’s be honest. After jumping through hoops to get your crowdfunding campaign live, your video is many times an afterthought. We recently analyzed over 200 campaigns to gauge how important videos are in crowdfunding.

A quick bit of background: Crowdfunding campaigns are open on average 93 days. Issuers must meet their funding target to receive invested capital; otherwise, it goes back to the investors, and the campaign is considered closed and failed.

We analyzed 243 closed campaigns. Of those, 51 percent (123) got funded. These campaigns are raising more capital than their failed counterparts — a lot more. On average, they raise 16.5 times more per campaign than a failed one, capture an impressive $277,000, and monumentally overshadow the average $16,000 a failed campaign raises. Given the SEC does not allow failed campaigns to keep their funds, it is imperative for issuers to ensure all their campaign efforts are fine tuned.



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