Can you run a business in a storage unit?

Whenever we think about storage units, we immediately think about those who are moving house or using one while they travel. The thing is, storage has come a long way over the years. It’s now used for so much more than storing belongings while moving house or after retirement. Over the years, storage facilities have been helping those with small businesses to expand out of their spare bedrooms before they buy up office space. Of course, not every storage company will allow a business to run from one of their units, so it really depends on who you choose to use. Some storage facilities will happily allow you to run your business from them, but others won’t have a wi-fi connection or space for you to do so. Speaking to the specialists at Henfield Storage is your best bet when it comes to doing research. 


With the number of security benefits, storage units could change the way that you do business. So, here are a few ways that you can answer whether you can run your business from a self-storage unit. 

Research, Research, Research

As much as you can, you need to research all the storage units in your chosen area and compare their offerings. There are some that won’t allow a business to be run out of the premises, but there are others that offer facilities like meeting rooms and kitchens, wi-fi capabilities and printing services. Always make sure that you find exactly what you want and get the most out of your storage fee!

Check The Security

All storage facilities should offer good security systems in place to keep your belongings safe, so it stands to reason that they should offer locks for your unit and for the site, CCTV and intruder alarms. There are some units that will allow for 24-hour access to your unit, and it’s essential to look into contents protection, too. 

The Environment

The reason that most storage units won’t offer business services is because it’s not the most ideal environment for an office. There’s often no windows or carpeting; some storage units don’t have sockets for plugs and equipment. The lack of wi-fi is also a serious issue for a business that requires wi-fi to run correctly. Think about the location – is it too far out of the way for client meetings? What are the opening times? Is it possible to even run a business with the times on offer?

Saving Money

Those who find running a business from a storage unit a possibility will be saving money. Rent and bills are an essential consideration, and if you operate your business from a storage unit, you’re more likely to have reduced costs. Of course, if a storage unit doesn’t match up to your expectations, you won’t be saving much money at all. 

Storage units may not be the ideal business decision, but they are a sound option if you need to think about expansion and need somewhere to store your things!