Faculty development programme for teachers: A complete Assistance

The Faculty Development program for teachers: A complete assistance in equipping pre-service teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills for the classroom. This is a four-day interactive program offered by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to prepare graduates to become effective classroom teachers.

Offers a complete solution to the challenges faced by teachers of students with special educational needs, the Faculty Development Programme for Teachers was developed with the input of experts in the field. This systematic and professional approach enables you and your team to progress through three training phases, starting with an overview on special education, followed by expert guidance provided by our training team from implementing a behavior support plan and ending with information on writing up portfolios.

We provide a comprehensive, customized faculty development program for teachers. The program is designed to assist teachers in utilizing best practices and effectively meeting the needs of special education students within the regular classroom setting. The Faculty Development program for teachers is an innovative approach to the professional development of new and practicing teachers. Co-delivered by a specialist Continuing Professional Development (CPD) center and two leading international universities, it offers practical and high-quality CPD on a range of topics and school contexts. The program was developed out of a European Union Teaching and Learning Innovation Action which included extensive consultation with Northern Ireland schools.

Special education teacher, In need of being trained in special needs? If your answer is in the affirmative and you do not have any knowledge of special education teacher training, this program will be a good solution for you. The Faculty Development Programme for Teachers; Special Education (FDP) is one of the advanced programs offered by the Ellinika Teacher Association whose aim is ―to integrate the different aspects of special education into mainstream classroom settings in Greece‖. This program aims to train teachers with an average of 10-15 years of experience to upgrade their skills and provide them with guidance that will help them regulate their daily classroom practices through research-based information about foster parenting techniques and emotional development, as well as professional teaching techniques and methods. At the same time, it intends to develop parents‘ understanding on how to deal with their children‘s educational needs which are essential for their children‘s positive development.

Our faculty development program starts with assessing the level of knowledge and understanding of teachers, making them aware of the latest techniques, and introducing them to exciting ways to engage students in subjects such as mathematics and physics. This is followed by a learning process that allows teachers to become accustomed to teaching methodologies and practices that are being adopted by the staff at our schools. The new learning methodology allows teachers to identify and work on various confounding factors which include lack of motivation, discipline among students, changing attitudes towards education amongst others.

As school or college teachers, we understand you are thanked for your contributions day in and day out. However, we also realize that to keep teachers motivated and fired up to continue doing their best every year, some support is necessary. If a lack of concrete knowledge teaching techniques or lack of motivation is affecting your teaching skills and performance in any way, then you are on the right page. With the assistance of this program for teachers run by experts from an organization with many years of experience in the field of education, you will be able to identify the problems related to your professional skill set and solve some of your issues related to teaching practices.

LAITT offers tailor-made faculty development programs that are specifically designed to address the key components of a school’s guidance and support system. The programs cover areas like lesson planning, behavior management, effective classroom management, and pupil assessment, to name a few. We, at Faculty For Teachers, take training seriously. Since 2012 we have offered high-quality programs developed and delivered by experienced and talented trainers. Rather than make our teachers work to meet a “one-size-fits-all” model, we tailor our programs to you, the needs of your school, and your timetable. For many schools across the country, we have become a consistent, reliable provider of • Teacher training courses • Curriculum development • Professional development for existing teachers • Training for support staff using Communication Support Specialists or Teaching Assistants Thoroughly researched yet fast-moving and practical, our programs can be delivered with any combination of face-to-face sessions and online materials or videos. 

In such a way we ensure that you gain maximum benefit from every visit to our highly regarded training center in East Sussex. You will be invited to share your ideas on what is required in your local area and contribute as much as you feel able to put into the mix. We have been delivering training for over 30 years – for us, it is about building towards real change for all in education – at whatever stage you are at in your career. A complete package for teachers, to take them from induction level to full subject leader training. This flexible program delivers more than 40 modules and modules that can be taken in any order over 6 years, allowing you to build your skills at your own pace.  

This program offers a range of services that cover the training needs of teachers working in mainstream, special and independent schools. Whether you are beginning your career as a teacher or looking to build on your experience and knowledge, we run more than 100 free short courses every year. The faculty development program for teachers offers teachers a supportive, motivating, and interactive environment, through which they create their learning environment Faculty Development Programme for Teachersment that offers opportunities for personal development, in conjunction with their ongoing teaching practice. The faculty program builds on the FAI’s core values – social and economic inclusion, participation and transformation of cultures, languages, and gender equality. We are committed to ensuring all human rights are protected and respected, encouraging access to and lifelong education.

The Faculty development program is a dynamic package of tailor-made advice and support that prepares teachers to take full advantage of the many resources, training courses, and opportunities available from the European Union. The is a collaborative process between the University of Hong Kong and the Education Commission to strengthen teachers’ academic knowledge and teaching competence via enhanced coursework, seminars, and workshops. The program provides networking opportunities for faculty with other teachers through evolving e-platforms and enables continuous professional development for teachers. Faculty development program for teachers Curriculum Design, Mapping, and Implementation in a holistic way to enhance the educational experience of children with special needs through e-learning modules.

The Faculty Development Programme for Teachers is led by Marilyn Burns, an experienced and accomplished special education teacher who has a strong passion for collaborative learning. This course is designed to assist special education teachers to work more successfully in inclusive classrooms where different levels of ability are integrated. Graduates will be able to: identify a measurable learning goal; design a supported peer teaching schedule and implement it in the classroom; understand the purpose and administration of diagnostic assessment for student learning needs; use effective strategies for differentiated instruction; collaborate with other teachers and resource room staff using techniques such as lesson study and REAP.

Our online faculty development programs for teachers empower educators with the ability to support children and young people with SEND in their schools. The faculty development program is designed to increase teachers’ skills in planning and improving their educational practice. The program has a learning focus that aims to develop teachers’ reflective practice to optimize learning outcomes for students in their class, improving the quality of life for their students, and increasing the success rate in the classroom. This program is targeted towards all levels from new teachers to experienced educators who are considering progressing their careers or changing fields to teaching.

The action-learning program identifies the specific needs of teachers participating and provides the opportunity for them to design their program, which will enhance their role as special education teachers. The program has been developed in conjunction with the national experts on special education (CPD) and is offered by clinical supervisors who themselves have been through the training. We offer a wide range of professional development services for all levels and groups of teachers of people with special needs. We aim to optimize your skills and understanding to allow you to meet the needs of your students in the best way possible. We work closely with public, private, and charter schools, as well as Pupil Referral Units. Our range of programs can be delivered at our facility or on location in your school.

One of the challenges faced by teachers of students with special educational needs is the need to develop their knowledge and practice in relevant areas such as curriculum, assessment, additional support, and mainstreaming. In response to this need, the University of Manchester has developed a series of special education teacher courses, including a Certificate in Special Education (Dyslexia)-Qualified Teacher Status and Higher Degree by Research which lead to a Postgraduate Certificate in Special Education (Dyslexia) Qualified Teacher Status.

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