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Could Crowdfunding Save Pro Sports Teams?

In July, the NBA’s Houston Rockets went up for sale, and it immediately became clear that the Rockets — with two superstars (James Harden and Chris Paul) and a huge following in the U.S. and China — might fetch a record price for an American pro sports franchise. Sure...
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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Crowdfunding Scams

Crowdfunding has expanded to being a great place to invest money or help new products come to market by pre-purchasing. The Crowdfunding market saw over 87 Billion dollars exchanged in the market in 2016. This market has attracted scammers whose only purpose is to rip...
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Some crowdfunding donors could be accidentally breaking tax laws

If the spate of recent national tragedies has tugged at your heartstrings and encouraged you to donate to a charitable crowdfunding campaign, beware: you're entering dicey legal territory. That's because, in some cases, you may be required to file a gift-tax return,...
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Gift Tax Considerations For Crowdfunding

While the amounts solicited in many online campaigns are modest, the dollars involved across the spectrum of all charitable-type crowdfunding sites is significant. Considering the aggregate funds involved, it’s surprising that some crowdfunding sites appear to provide...
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Crowdfunding Down Payments: A Key To Unlocking Homeownership, Or Opening Pandora’s Box?

Crowdfunding has become a popular form of raising money for everything from starting a business to paying medical bills, so it’s not a huge surprise that someone has come up with the idea of using crowdfunding to help home-buyers raise funds for a down payment. It’s...
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