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Real estate crowdfunding expands into more niche markets

To those unfamiliar with real estate crowdfunding, the Fair-Haired Dumbbell development in Portland may be just the kind of wacky, esoteric project one envisions when imagining what happens when strangers pool funds online, crossing Kickstarter with construction. A...
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Equity crowdfunding could solve SME financing issues

There is an urgent need to solve the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises through innovative equity crowdfunding, said Yao Yudong, former head of the financial research institute at the People’s Bank of...
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COLUMN: Equity crowdfunding: Above the noise

New regulations, new opportunities. That’s the sentiment in the crowdfunding space, as Title III of the JOBS Act is spawning a new era toward the democratization of all sides of the market. With investment in early-stage companies no longer limited to only the...
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Can Equity Crowdfunding Transform Startup Investing?

Few would dispute that crowdfunding is enjoying a moment. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe. These have all become household names. They began as ways for creators, artists, and (sometimes) entrepreneurs to present campaigns about their proposed projects or products...
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Worries About Fraud Top List Of Crowdfunding Concerns

In an informal survey of 192 people, only 20% agreed with the statement, “The ‘crowd’ does an effective job of preventing fraud and abuse on crowdfunding sites.” More, 23.9%, disagreed with the statement while a majority, 56.1% were neutral. The responses were among...
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