10 Must-Ask Questions Before Building an Ecommerce Website

Wondering how you can get a customized and responsive eCommerce website? Answer these 10 questions before you start building or entrust the creation of the eCommerce website to an agency. 

Every online store owner wants a website that drives maximum traffic and helps him sell all his products. Does the owner have any knowledge if his website will be able to handle more traffic? Not all of us are aware of the many technical details involved in building an eCommerce website. However, business owners must have a clear understanding of their expectations from the online store. This should also be communicated to the developer or eCommerce agency to get a website that suits the business’s needs and preferences. 

Here are the 10 must-ask questions you should answer before starting to design a website for your business.

  1. What are you dealing with? 

This is one of the fundamental questions every business owner should answer before you design an online store. Is business planning on selling products or rendering services? This will affect the website layout, construction, and other designing features as well.

  1. How are you planning to market your website?

At the time of the creation of the website, this question is often not given much importance as businesses think they can market the website once it is operational. It is crucial to understand the online marketing strategies for promoting the site as it can be made more accessible and compatible. 

  1. Do you plan to have a payment gateway and third-party payment options?

The business needs to answer this question and register for a merchant account to process the payments. Some eCommerce websites have their independent platforms to process the payments. Companies also have the option of including third-party payment websites such as PayPal to process the transactions on their behalf.

  1. Who will be maintaining the website?

Some eCommerce agencies offer a package for creating, updating, and maintaining their websites. However, businesses also have the option of doing the maintenance all by themselves with the developer’s guidance and support.

  1. Who will be hosting the website?

Businesses can take up the hosting if they have the required infrastructure and the IT expertise to handle the hosting. Some platforms can help companies host their website for a very nominal cost.

  1. Does the business have relevant products, images, and other media?

Images are of great importance when it comes to shopping online. Businesses will usually have their product images. However, you will need to have excellent quality images to make your product attractive and pleasing.

  1. What about the shipping arrangements?

It is essential to know whether the business has a free shipping arrangement on specific products or certain limits over which free shipping is provided. You should also disclose the rates charged for shipping.

  1. How do you plan to include the tax?

This requires a thorough knowledge of the areas the eCommerce website is going to cater to as the tax rates differ based on the area. It also needs to consider the tax rules in the areas the business is delivering the products.

  1. What is the budget set for the website?

 This typically decides the customizations and additions you will need on the website. If you are on a tight budget, you cannot expect a lot of customizations.

  1. Do you want to include instant customer support systems such as chatbots?

This is probably one of the most recent and useful tools on a website. There are chatbots design to answer the questions of the customers.


If you have been able to discuss these questions with your agency and reach a consensus, you will get the eCommerce website of your dreams.