Brid Proofing – A Guide to Keep Away Pigeon Mess

Birds are considered to be a nuisance for many people. They will make a nest or leave a great mess on your building tops or even other areas. Bird proofing is used by people to keep birds away from the area. This method may include visual, physical, or auditory methods that will prevent any perching on your buildings.

Birds greatly gather in the area where they can find a great number of foods. High buildings are used to create nests and perches because they provide safety and a large space to reside. To solve the bird pest problem, it is best to prevent them to gain access to such areas.

Why consider Bird Proofing

When a large number of birds gather in one place, they can cause serious problems and may even affect the working of a company.

  • Health Risks can be greatly reduced as birds will not be near your reach. Birds move in all sorts of areas so they carry a large number of diseases that can affect the health of a human.
  • The safety of a person can be guaranteed as birds dropping can be the cause of slip accidents. With bird proofing, you can prevent the bird from appearing anywhere near your area.
  • Birds get aggressive during the breeding season. They will attack any person near their vicinity so bird proofing will keep the birds away from your area.
  • If you are a business owner or selling your home bird nesting can be very detrimental to you. The mess of birds is hard to get rid of by simple means and can also damage the foundation of the area where they resided.

Safe Methods

Although birds are beautiful creatures. But when they gather in one area in a large group, they can cause trouble. People use different safety measures that are within the regulations posted by the government to keep the areas of your house or building completely free of any mess and problem they may cause.

While many do not have any problems with birds, the damage they can cause the properties is indispensable and so people have used the following methods to keep the birds away and prevent any damage from occurring.

Methods For Bird Proofing

Different methods and materials are used by people to protect their houses and other important areas from birds.

  • In open space areas, people use nets to make sure that birds do not simply enter the areas where they can create nests. This can solve most of the problems that will appear by birds appearing in your building.
  • Bird spikes are used in areas where the dropping of birds can greatly affect the working of your buildings like water pipes or prevent them from perching above the walk-through area of the building.
  • Bird wires are used to close the open roof areas so that they will not enter the building. Because of the material and size, unless someone is extremely close to the wire, they will realize that the blockage even exists. It gives a great view along with preventing birds from entering the area.
  • Bird proofing gel although not comparable to other methods when applied birds refuse to come near the area. This gel is used on the windows or near the ledges to prevent any accidents from occurring.
  • People use slippery slopes on the roofs or other areas this way birds can not get a grip on the surface of the roof and slip. They will search for better landing areas where they can easily perch or create a nest.
  • Birds will keep away from areas where there is anything that keeps swaying because of the wind like a scarecrow, tape, or balloons.


If you want to prevent your building to have any problems related to the birds use bird proofing. This will assist you in saving money in the long term as problems that can be caused by the birds will not occur.