Corporate Hate For Richard Branson – Why Entrepreneurs Fear Big Business

“I am not Mr. Lebowski. You are Mr. Lebowski. I am the Dude. So that is what you call me. You realize, uh, that or His Dudeness or Duder, or El Duderino.” – The Large Lebowski

While being interviewed about his multi-big Virgin empire, entrepreneur Richard Branson was quick to indicate that his clients are nothing beats a “big, giant corporation.” Really dude? Your divisions is creating a rocket to consider customers on intergalactic road journeys. Lot’s of mother and pop companies doing these days? But Branson’s sentiment isn’t unusual for entrepreneurs such as the Big Lebowski, entrepreneurs possess a universal hate for formality.

Magnus Socius Combibo

If entrepreneurs were built with a motto it could read “Magnus Socius Combibo,” or roughly converted, “Suck it big time Companies.” Corporate America using its formalities, processes, procedures and HR departments would be the dying knell of innovation. A minimum of for an entrepreneur. They feel that does not only is structured corporate America stifling to creativeness and progress, additionally they think that its workers are simply Nights the Living Dead zombies on the mission to suck the innovative existence pressure bankrupt. Entrepreneur Earl Graves (founding father of Black Enterprise magazine) summarized this belief when requested why he grew to become a business owner. “People who don’t put on ambition-they obtain a normal work.”

Yet a particular soft-drink used to be put just one fizzy drink at any given time from the pharmacy soda fountain in Atlanta. Wal-Mart used to be just one, family owned store in Bentonville. A little, wise decision, if managed properly, will develop to become a great, big idea. Meaning (gasp) a large corporation. So, just how much structure is simply too much? Where’s the road between oppressive rigidity and good management practices? It’s difficult to state. But because a business grows, processes should be put in place or even the business diminishes Best to Great and much more Lord from the Flies.

“Luke, I’m your father”- Darth Vader

Among the hardest entrepreneurs to get results for may be the entrepreneur who insists on being unstructured for that simple sake of not corporate. This entrepreneur will not accept the household lineage of economic, and won’t adopt practices shown to work. He believes that any concession is really a step nearer to the negative side. This entrepreneur might even find weekly status conferences an excessive amount of a slippery slope lower the spiral of corporate conformation. You know you’re employed with this entrepreneur should you frequently hear statements like “we are small” and “we are nimble,” mentioned with pride. For your entrepreneur what this means is the organization is unencumbered by corporate nonsense, and may get things done. The truth for you personally may look a lot more like insufficient obvious direction, mis-communications, and goals which are constant moving targets.

Memo to Self: Corporate America may be the entrepreneur’s Boogie Man an opponent that’s only harmful within the entrepreneur’s mind. But perception is reality, so keep any mention of the time you’ve spent dealing with this enemy off your resume, and from conversations together with your entrepreneur boss. (And could the pressure be around you)