How to create the best ads in 2020

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Every digital marketer and blogger understands the importance of creating good ads in digital marketing. If you are just starting out, you need to invest in ads in order to gain traffic. You have to create brand awareness so that more people learn about you. Without paid ads, this is something quite difficult. Paid ads help you get better exposure even if you are just starting out.

Where you use paid ads

There are two different approaches one can take with paid ads:

  1. SEM – Search engine marketing or SEM is the method of posting ads on different search engines like Google.
  2. SMM – Social media marketing or SMM is the method of posting ads on different social media platforms.

You can try both of these methods to generate as much traffic as possible for your website.

How to SEM the right way

Search engine marketing is a great way to generate traffic when you are just starting out. You can target different keywords and when someone searches for that keyword your ad would pop up on the first page. Google Adwords is the tool you must master for Google ads. It is advisable to hire a good marketer that is expert with Google Adwords optimize services[รับ ทำ google adwords, which is the term in Thai] if you are just starting out.

How to do SMM

Social media marketing is a little different from SEM. Your ads are shown on different social media platforms to the people who have shown interest in something similar to your niche or something in your niche earlier. Social media marketing can be divided into different types like Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, etc. You can hire different experts in SMM as well like Facebook ads expert, Instagram marketing expert, etc.

If you have good budget, it is better to hire experts and help you out in the beginning rather than losing money by posting irrelevant ads.