Is it worth having Bharti AXA car insurance?

Seeing the high rise in accident incidents, one needs to ensure that they do not experience a lapse of judgement while buying a car insurance policy.  There are numerous companies providing car insurance policies in the market, making it a very diverse industry in terms of options. Bharti AXA is one of the leading names in the car insurance industry, known for providing a range of policies and additional covers to safeguard the interests of the policyholders.

Why choose Bharti AXA car insurance policy?

  • Easy procedure: buying Bharti AXA car insurance or renewal of an existing policy is hassle-free as it requires minimum documentation. One can go through the entire procedure in just a few clicks by following the online mode.
  • Freedom of Choice: a typical Bharti AXA insurance policy can be categorized into two main categories, namely comprehensive policies and third party liabilities cover. The comprehensive insurance plan protects you from the damages caused by fire, theft, explosions, floods, earthquakes, and cyclone and also in case of transit of vehicle by rail, road, air and waterways. On the other hand, third party liability coverage caters to the financial losses incurred in the case of damage caused to another person or their vehicles in the accident. One can also find certain basic cover plan with add-on features such as roadside assistance policies, where apart from the basic cover the policy provides the services such as towing services and road repair services.
  • Cashless claims: Bharti AXA ensures that all its policyholders are given the opportunity to choose from 2500+ garages across the country for cashless claim service. The policyholder can use one of the network garages in case of emergencies, with the insurer being liable to pay the bills for the same.
  • No Claim Bonus: for the claim-free years, the policyholder is entitled to receive the no-claim bonus amount up to 50%.

The above are the basic coverage plans that are included by many policies. There are some coverage options that are provided by Bharti AXA to enhance policy protection to the customers.

  • Additional covers: –

Many Bharti AXA car insurance policies have extra covers like Hydrostatic lock cover which provides coverage against the damages caused by the rains or floods to the engine. In case of other policies, the compensation amount gets reduced due to the depreciation and maintenance expenses, but Bharti AXA provides the zero depreciation cover for it. Engine & gearbox covers are also available for the additional damage coverage. Bharti AXA car insurance also comes with the benefits like ambulance expenses cover and hospital cash benefits.

Note: Car insurance policies don’t include the claims towards depreciation, driving without a license or under intoxication and in case of events that occur outside of specified area limits.

  • Claim settlement procedures

Bharti AXA follows seamless claim settlement procedures in which consumers have to use the app or the website to complete the procedure, a process that is considerable more easy and convenient as compared to offline modes. The insurer is also planning to establish a Whatsapp based service for the purpose of claim filing and settlement, which should make things even more efficient and simple than before.