Official Qivana Review – Part 2: The

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Qivana has positioned itself to benefit from two HUGE industry trends which are converging. The very first market is Multilevel Marketing (i.e. Relationship Marketing, Network Marketing or Multilevel marketing), that has been around for more than half a century and does more than $100 Billion in sales each year globally. Multilevel marketing is the development of brand awareness and distribution of services or products through relationships.

A current article within the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Best SOCIAL Business Design” mentioned from March 2009 to May 2011, the very best 7 openly traded multilevel marketing companies averaged a 268% rise in stock cost. It’s this industry model which offers the ability for that average individual to have fun playing the free enterprise system without any major investments and make lengthy-term wealth. You don’t need to be worried about customer support, accounting, payroll, employees or a variety of items you cope with when owning your personal business, since it is all handled for you personally. Just working part-time you may create another earnings, which could transition to some primary earnings and finally lengthy-term wealth via residual earnings.

The 2nd market is the & Wellness industry, that also does more than $100 Billion in sales each year globally and it has had double-digit growth each year since 1990 unlike a number of other industries. Paul Zane Pilzer, author from the Wellness Revolution, has predicted that it’ll be a TRILLION-Dollar industry through the year 2016. Measuring only five years from today and along the way it’ll create ten million more Millionaires, greater than every other industry. From the seven companies doing $1billion dollars or even more within the health wellness industry – six seem to be multilevel marketing companies.

The & Wellness market is being driven by a few quite strong demographic trends: the “Seniors”, Weight problems and Natural Products. The wellness revolution is moving towards positive healthcare, including what you devote for your body, as you may know it is less costly and than reactive healthcare. Qivana has positioned itself to get the following major player within the natural products health & wellness realm

The convergence and growth by both of these HUGE industry trends (Multilevel Marketing and Health & Wellness) have previously proven how effective they may be in the prosperity of a business. Qivana has set industry records when it comes to sales, recruitment and event attendance since launching in September 2009.