Silicone Rubber

Most people are confused about silicone and rubber, some did not know the difference between both of them, but the truth is both silicone and rubber are elastomers. The silicone material is a mixture of silicon, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Silicone materials can be seen in various products around the world. We can find silicone material in home repair and hardware appliances, medical devices, electronics sportswear, undergarments, and even food storage. Boots silicone and rubber Exhibit viscoelastic behavior but have different atomic structures and features. In this article today, we shall seek to elaborate and elucidate the difference between silicone and rubber.

Silicones are polymers made of repeating units of siloxane.

They have an inert synthetic compound with an alternating atom of silicon combined with oxygen-hydrogen and carbon.

Rubbers are highly elastic can be stretched and returned to its original size. It is a Dying material made of amorphous structure.

Silicone Vs. Rubber: Comparison

Rubber material begins to change once it is produced. Rubber can be damaged by stress pressure and a change in temperature when exposed to UV light. The density hardness and texture of Yoruba material can be affected by a UV light. However, this is not the case with silicone material as it is not affected by UV light or extreme pressure.


A silicone material lasts three times more than a rubber material, and it costs twice the price of a rubber material. Silicon materials are, therefore, beneficial for long-term purposes.


Before the rubber can stabilize, it needs a mixture of toxic additives. Silicon materials on its own do not require the addition of toxic combinations before it can form.


In the medical field, the use of silicone is employed and also in food processing Industries. This cannot be said for rubber materials as they are less resistant to pressure than silicone materials. Silicone materials provide less contamination and long-term savings considering the silicon rubber price (ยางซิลิโคน ราคา, which is the term in Thai); they are more hygienic than rubber materials.


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