Useful Tips For Light Installation or Replacement


Replacement of lighting fixtures at home usually occurs without any problems. You can always tell yourself, what could possibly go wrong? It is just lighting. Anyone can do it. Right?

Yes, you are correct. However, there are times that you need to ask professionals to help you with light installation houston or replacement. If you consider hiring one, the question becomes, is it going to be cheap?  It might not be as they are experts in what they do.

But if you choose to proceed with do-it-yourself light installation houston, here are some tips worth considering. Doing DIY needs careful consideration of safety. Here are some tips to get you going while still being safe being the handyman of the house.

Switch off the breaker.

Always shut off the power to the circuit breaker during light installation or replacement. Regardless if it is just a small job or not, you can never be sure of what danger it may bring if you proceed with the breakers on.

Use a non-contact voltage detector to check wires for residual power.

Inspect the wires for remaining power. Yes, you read it right. In some cases, turning off the circuit breaker is insufficient.

Think about a garden hose that was turned off after use. Most of the time, there is water left in the tubes, even if it is already off. It is the same with power lines. It might cause some shock if not inspected properly.

A non-contact voltage detector, a pen-like tool for checking wires, is your best choice. To assess if the wire has remaining energy or not, touch the end of the wire using the tip of the detector. If the detector lights up, there is still residual power.  As a caution, never touch the wire using bare hands.

Use stab-in connectors to extend short wires.

If ever you experienced having a light fixture with short wires, it can be quite bothersome and annoying. Moreover, extending wires can be an issue if not done properly. Your best option is stab-in connectors. These come in various sizes depending on the wire size.

For small spaces, you may try twist-on nuts. Place the new wire into the connector and carefully attach the old one to it. Congratulations! You have a lengthy wire for your light fixture. Just ensure that the new wire has the same gauge as the old one.

Safety Reminders:

  • Before installation, make sure to read the instructions on your light fixture package. Check if all the parts are included.
  • If the package includes fragile items, secure them in a place away from children and pets to avoid possible accidents from breakage.
  • Check the wattage requirement of your fixture. Exceeding the requirements could potentially cause a fire.
  • It is advisable to have someone to help you mount a lighting fixture, especially if the item is heavy.
  • If you are unsure of how to handle electrical wiring, always opt to ask help from a licensed electrician.

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