What is an electric motor starter?

An electric motor starter [มอเตอร์ สตาร์ท เตอร์, which is the term in Thai] is an electrical device that is utilized to start and quit a motor securely. Comparable to a relay, the electric motor starter switches the power ON/OFF and unlike a relay, it additionally offers a low voltage and overcurrent defense.

The primary feature of a motor starter is;

  • To securely start an electric motor
  • To turn around the instructions of a motor
  • To securely stop an electric motor
  • To shield the motor from low voltage and overcurrent

An electric motor starter is made of two major components that collaborate to regulate and safeguard the motor;

  • Electric Contactor: The function of the contactor is to switch over ON/OFF the power supply to the motor by making or damaging the contact terminals.
  • Overload defense circuit: The purpose of this circuit is to protect the electric motor from prospective damage due to the overload problem. A huge current with the blades might damage the winding as well as other devices connected to the supply. It senses the current and damages the power supply.

Why We Required a Beginner with an Electric Motor?

A motor starter is crucial for beginning an induction electric motor. It is as a result of its reduced rotor impedance. The blade’s insusceptibility relies on the slip of the induction motor which is the relative speed in between the blades and stator. The resistance varies inversely with the slip. The slip of the induction electric motor goes to maximum 1 at a dead stop, remainder setting, thus the resistance is at its minimal and it attracts a substantial quantity of current called inrush current. The high inrush present magnetizes the air gap between the rotor and stator that generates an EMF in the blade winding. This EMF produces electricity existing in rotor winding that develops an electromagnetic field to produce torque in the rotor. As the blade’s speed raises the slip of the motor decreases and the existing attraction by the motor is lowered.

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