Why a Whole Life Insurance Policy Can Help With a Home Purchase

Home purchases require the buyer to pay money upfront to secure their mortgage. On average, the buyer pays at least 3.5% down to buy the home, but this percentage is available to buyers who have excellent credit. Consumers who want to get enough money for a more substantial down payment consider how a whole life insurance policy can help them.

Starting the Whole Life Insurance Policy

Financial advisors often recommend starting whole life insurance policies to acquire financial assistance when it is needed. The policies aren’t the same as term life insurance where the policyholder pays for a term and then loses their investment after the term is over. Whole life is a life-long investment where the policyholder accumulates money through the policy their entire life. It is a great way to save money for financial expenses, provide support for the family, or use the funds at any time. 

Reviewing Options for Increasing the Value of the Policy

Reviewing options for increasing the value of the policy helps the policyholder get the most out of their investment. An insurer can help the consumer find the best options for their policy and get the most out of the policy when they need it. Financial advisors recommend starting the policies as soon as possible. Homebuyers who want to use the policy for their home purchase should start the policies several years in advance. This helps them generate enough capital to help with the home purchase and gives them the time they need to get their credit and debts in order to qualify for better loan programs.

Borrowing from the Policy for the Down Payment for the Home Purchase

Borrowing from the policy to acquire the down payment for the home purchase helps the consumer get the funds they need without starting a new line of credit through a lender. Essentially, the consumer is borrowing money from themselves, and it makes it easier for the consumer to get adequate funds for a down payment without overextending themselves. It is possible for the consumer to generate enough money to buy a home without facing excessive debt. Consumers who need help from NRIA contact a representative now.

Borrowing Funds Later for Renovations

Borrowing funds later for renovations enables the borrower to get the most out of their investments. They can use the funds to add more to the property or make changes to make it their dream home. The funds are readily available through the whole life policy.

Creating an Emergency Fund

The homeowner has the option to borrow equity from their home to cover the cost of emergencies. This helps the homeowner avoid financial disasters and ensure that they don’t go without vital services such as HVAC systems. The homeowner can also borrow from their whole life insurance policy if they face a financial hardship and having a hard time paying back the equity.

Home purchases require the borrower to generate enough funds for the down payment to secure the mortgage. Funds are also needed to cover closing costs and title insurance fees. Reviewing alternative financing choices for securing a mortgage helps the buyer review their options.

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