Why do servo motors would be helpful for you?

Servo motor is one of the great inventions which is used in many objects, especially in Industrial robots.Itis much quieter than clutch motors and can accelerate loads rapidly. It has high efficiency than stepper motors. It works on several mechanisms to control the speed of the motor. It can be used to create a linear and circular motion. Servo motors are especially known for their speed quality.

What are the applications of servo motors?

  • This motor is used in camera lenses to enhance the focus of images.
  • This motor can be used in robots to control their vehicles.
  • This motor can also be used in robots to activate their movements.
  • This motor is used in the mining field for cutting metals.
  • This motor also uses automatic doors for closing and opening.
  • This motor also used in textile industries to control and knitting machines.
  • This motor is mainly used in industrial robots, computers, CD/DVD etc.

Advantages of servo motors?

  1. It has high power relative to their size.
  2. It has high efficiency as compared to other motors.
  3. It can run on quite high speed.
  4. It has high torque to inertia ratio.

Disadvantages of servo motors?

  1. Safety circuits are essential for servo motors because as it breaks, it becomes unpredictable.
  2. It requires gearboxes to deliver power at high speed
  3. It may cost you more in the installation than stepper motor.
  4. It can be easily damaged by sustained overload.

Where can you buy servo motors?

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