5 Simple Hacks for Making Your Office Cleaner

Your office space plays an extremely important role when it comes to the running of your business. The kind of environment your employees work in has a large impact on productivity. Not withholding the level of discomfort that could come as a result of working in a cluttered, and dusty office space. A filthy environment messes up your levels of concentration and it could further affect your health if not taken seriously. We are currently living in the Covid 19 era where the spread of the virus largely depends on how clean you are-it goes far beyond just washing our hands.

While most of the cleaning can be done by you or the employees, it can be time-consuming. There may be more pressing company matters that need to be attended to. So, this is when the services offered by a facility management company come in. A facility management team can step in to offer services such as cleaning, premise maintenance, and security among others, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.

With that said, If you’re currently having issues with maintaining a clean and clutter-free office, these 5 simple hacks will make your office cleaner in ways you’ve never imagined.

Hacks for making your office cleaner

1. Clean & avoid overcrowding your desk.

We all want to have our pens, favorite mugs, printers, and user guides in close range. But this only leads to overcrowding and before you know it cleaning becomes a challenge. So, the first hack here is minimizing what you put on your office desk as much as possible. That way dust won’t gather up as much and cleaning will be much quicker and easier. The second hack is to purchase a handheld vacuum. A handheld vacuum helps remove dust that’s trapped in between pages of books, computers, and any other item. With a handheld vacuum, cleaning off dirt can be done fast and easily while keeping your office space tidy at the same time.

2. Invest in good drawers

Drawers offer the perfect storage space for all your mugs, books, pens, and any other items that would normally take up space. With all the clutter out of the site, you can maintain a neat and organized appearance without anyone finding out about the mess hidden inside your office drawers. A facility management company can help with this too. These facility management firms can help design your office space with the at-most professionalism. They will design your space with regulations, budgets, and deadlines in mind.

3. Avoid eating from the office desk

As long as you decide to have lunch or breakfast at your office desk, chances are high that there will be a mess left behind. This not only poses the risk of you staining important documents but also some food particles may get caught up in tiny areas that are hard to clean. But if you insist on wanting to eat from your desk, try as much as possible to wipe down any crumbs or leftovers after eating your meals. Also, sticky notes are the hack to use in this case. The edges of these sticky notes can be used to remove not just food particles but also trapped dust in tiny places like your computer keyboard.

After eating, make sure to always wash food containers because the longer they stay unwashed, the faster they start to smell. A quick hack to eliminating the bad smell from unwashed containers is by using baking soda mixed in water. Use it to scrub in and around the containers and thereafter rinse with soap and water.

And similar to office desks, chairs also accumulate dirt. However, they are really easy to clean, just by mixing dishwashing liquid soap and some hydrogen peroxide. Get into the habit of using this mixture to wipe dirt and dust away from your chairs at the end of every working day. By Monday they will still be looking as good as new.

4. Clean office windows and blinds with vinegar & a sock

You’ll notice dust build up in just about a week, that’s if you haven’t been cleaning the windows daily. To remove the dust or dirt easily, you will need a spray bottle filled with half water and a small amount of vinegar. You can thereafter dampen a sock with this mixture and wipe over your windows whenever you decide to clean. This simple hack can be used to clean the shutters and blinds that may have fingerprints stuck on them. It’s a technique that works like magic.

5. Cleaning Phones, tablets, and dirty computer screens

The students at the University of Arizona discovered that your phone is up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Disgusting! The same thing goes for computer screens. With all these bacteria lying around, phones, tablets, and computer screens should be cleaned routinely to minimize the chances of causing and spreading diseases at the office. Using a mixture of alcohol, water, and a microfiber cloth, one can gently wipe around the screens of these gadgets and they will instantly be germ-free. This practice needs to be done n to ensure absolute cleanliness.

Last word

With those 5 simple hacks, you can look forward to stepping into a cleaner office every day. Also, remember that office cleanliness is very important for your business to progress. Your employees will always feel happy when working in clean spaces. On the other hand, your clients or customers will trust you most easily if they are always welcomed into clean office spaces. It’s also a win-win situation because not only your employees and workers will have the opportunity to work in a healthy environment, but also you, the owner of the business.

Even with that, there’s still so much to benefit from putting these simple office cleaning hacks to work. To be able to maintain clean offices, you can always seek the services offered by a facility management company. They take on the burden of having to maintain clean spaces in commercial buildings by doing general routine cleaning and offering deeper cleaning services.