Tips to Get the Most From Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are highly accepted in the retail sector currently. But what should you look out for in an online marketplace as a new online trader   

 Make Sure Choosing the Correct Market for Your Products

The last thing anyone wants is to be viewed as an interesting curio, and people should also be mindful to pick marketplaces with reliable right tools and the technical platform to ease listings management and catalogue integration. Selling goods in Lazada Platform [ลงขายของ lazada, which is the Term in Thai], for example, is an excellent place to start.   

 Ensure you Draw Attention with Product Photographs 

 Any seller must choose the best images possible, making sure that they fit in with the overall feel of the site and leading retailer brand. For example, making your background to differ in style compared to the retailers’ product will look out of place.

Use Pricing Tools

Sellers can get to compare their price with the current best price on each product with a pricing tool provided by most marketplaces. Costs can then be adjusted accordingly and give a seller the chance to be positioned in the Buy Box position, the section on a marketplace that highlights the most competitive prices available at that time. 

Have an Exhaustive and Varied Product Offering 

The right marketplace ensures complementarity. A seller will be excited at the range of items that they can sell at a given time. So with this in mind, they should try different products and increase sales opportunities by offering as extensive a range as possible.

Choose your Product Titles/Labels Carefully 

A seller should ask their marketplace account manager (if there isn’t one available, there really should and is another good indicator of the quality of the marketplace). What would be an apt title on that particular product category, both in terms of being attention-grabbing and doing well with SEO for Facebook [รับทำ SEO Facebook, which is the term in Thai] for instance?